How A Plumbing Camera Inspection Works

There is no worse feeling as a business owner than realizing you have plumbing repairs to attend to. A toilet overflow, sewage leak, or other plumbing problem can not only cause unsafe working conditions but can cost you thousands of dollars in invasive repairs. Because plumbing is installed underground, it can sometimes require excavation and days of hard labor in order to locate and complete the repair.

In previous decades, all plumbing repairs require technicians to dig up the piping in order to locate the issue. However, new technologies allow for a much less invasive approach that saves you both time and money. Camera plumbing inspections are now the standard at MaintenX and can help resolve your plumbing issues quickly and affordably.

What is a Camera Plumbing Inspection?

Today’s plumbers can use a specialized video camera to diagnose plumbing problems rather than excavating the entire pipe to find the damaged area. Similar to a plumbing snake, the technician will use a camera attached to a wire in order to view the plumbing from the inside. They can then locate corrosion, blockages, line breaks, and other issues within your piping.

The Benefits of a Camera Inspection

Prior to camera inspection technology, plumbers had to dig up the piping and hope they could locate the problem with minimal disruption to the property. However, if the blockage was difficult to detect, the inspection process alone could cause days of excavation that would completely disrupt the property landscape and potentially the work being done onsite. With camera inspections, the plumbing team can locate blockages before touching the pipes, eliminating unnecessary service time and changes to your property landscape.

MaintenX uses camera inspection technology to make your plumbing repairs as painless as possible. If you’d like to schedule a non-invasive plumbing inspection, contact us today to learn more!

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