How Color Can Improve Your Landscape Design

How often do you think about your landscape? As someone who spends a lot of time at your building, the details in the landscaping might evade you. It all becomes normal after a while, and you may not want to invest anymore other than maintenance in your outdoor showroom or storefront lawn. However, this can be a major mistake in facility management. 

Landscaping aids in your curb appeal, which is important not just for customer retention, but for getting the highest price on a commercial facility you’re ready to sell. Landscaping, and more importantly the colors of the landscape, can affect how tenants or clients feel when entering and leaving a facility. If you choose right, you can make a powerful impact on your facility with a few landscaping design tips. 

Studies show that people, on average, make judgment calls on an environment, idea, or people within 90 seconds of their first impressions. Further research shows that a majority of this snap judgment is actually based on color. Color is more pervasive and impactful in the world than we think. By choosing color schemes that fit with your brand, you can positively impact everyone who visits or works at your facility. 

Flowers and greenery are the simplest way to boost your curb appeal with color. By choosing flowers that compliment your brand image, you can easily send a message to visitors. Warm colors such as reds, pinks, and orange flowers create a sense of excitement and childlike innocence. They are ideal for places like hospitals, schools, or creative centers where feelings of happiness (or conversely, the reduction of anxiety) are promoted. However, if you operate a B2B business or a tech center, cool tones such as purples and greenery will set the tone for a place that is calm, collected, and focused. 

Color can make these kinds of impacts on your facility if you take the time to think about color scheme and intent. Talk with your landscaping service to find cost-effective ways to redesign and liven up your landscaping. These small changes can reinvent your facility in astonishing ways. 

To learn more about landscaping tips and outdoor maintenance, visit the MaintenX resource center or contact us! 

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