How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Facility?

Your commercial building is more than just a place to work. It provides your customers with an important first impression of your brand. It can be a second home to your employees or tenants, and can be a point of pride among each of their work lives. However, a building that doesn’t look good won’t be a place of pride, nor will it make a good first impression on potential consumers. 

An important aspect of facility maintenance is exterior cleaning. Services such as pressure washing can help maintain property value by keeping the facility looking new. Other benefits of pressure washing include: . 

  • Preventing corrosion – Mold, rot, and algae that grows on your building can lead to corrosion over time. This looks bad to property visitors and tenants, and will lead to more expensive repairs in the future. Pressure washing services reduce the risk of corrosion due to these very common issues. 
  • Boosting curb appeal – Pressure washing makes a building instantly look newer. By scheduling this service regularly, you can improve curb appeal which will please site visitors and customers. 
  • Employee/Tenant Safety – Failure to clean the exterior surface of your building could result in certain bacterias entering the facility. As a rule of thumb, a clean building is a safer, healthier building. 

Pressure washing regularly can keep you building looking and operating at its finest. However, most facility managers are unsure of how often they should schedule this service. Pressure washing too frequently can result in deterioration of exteriors. We recommend using one of two methods for determining your pressure washing schedule. 

Schedule pressure washing seasonally. Typically, pressure washing is most effective when done twice a year. You can schedule a service before the beginning and at the end of your busy season. This will ensure your building looks its best while the most customers are present, without interfering with your busy season. 

You can also do a simple test to figure out if your building needs to be pressure washed. Simply run your finger down the side of the building and examine. If you can see dirt, you need to pressure wash. Otherwise, you can wait a few weeks to pressure wash. The exception to this rule would be if you can see algae or mold beginning to grow. 

MaintenX offers affordable pressure washing services for commercial facilities. Contact us today to schedule your service or to receive a free quote!

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