How Predictive Capabilities Can Improve Your Facility

To be successful, today’s businesses need access to important information. They also have to keep track of the innovations and tools being implemented by their competitors to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

Staying ahead isn’t easy, though. Data is everywhere, cascading down on facility managers and business owners from a multitude of systems, divisions and regions in real time. That’s why companies need smart technology: so management can make the most-informed and carefully made decisions to stay ahead.

Though businesses have an abundance of data, it isn’t easy to predict the problems that can lead to failure and downtime. Predictive maintenance opens the door to making raw data useful.

Predictive Maintenance and the Future of Facility Management

Predictive maintenance systems take into consideration things like:

  • Asset usage
  • Wear and tear on assets
  • Environmental factors of assets
  • Temperature and temperature changes
  • Climate and utility usage information
  • Motion sensing data

Predictive maintenance IT systems track all of this information to complete many vital tasks, including sensing when a system is in danger of failure or needs maintenance.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is your eye into the inner workings of your facility. Think of it as a doctor who can examine vital signs and symptoms, then give recommendations on how to stay healthy. Predictive analytics can help in FM decision making in the following ways:

  • Aid facility managers by helping them monitor, sustain and enhance facility assets for better accessibility, operation and performance
  • Predict asset failure to optimize quality and supply processes
  • Remove guesswork from facility management staff’s decision-making process

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