How Proper Maintenance Can Increase Employee Pride

Everyone likes walking into a clean office space after the weekend. The trash is empty, the air feels fresh, and you’re ready to start the work week right. However, not many people think about the effort that goes into creating a healthy and happy work environment. Your maintenance staff does! 

Your maintenance team is responsible for creating an environment that is comfortable and safe for your employees. Everything from changing air filters to fixing leaky faucets makes a difference in employee satisfaction as well as customer comfort. Below are just a few examples of how your maintenance team can improve employee pride in the office: 

Maintenance can help your team deliver better customer service.

Companies that have an insufficient or nonexistent maintenance plan often let the ‘handyman’ of the office take on basic maintenance issues. While this may seem fine at first, having office employees work on office equipment takes away from their job performance. It can also cause further expenses if the unofficial handyman makes a mistake. Avoid this problem by hiring professionals for all of your maintenance issues. 

Maintenance helps you make a better first impression to customers. 

It’s the little things that make a big difference in customer satisfaction. A new customer may not cite a working AC and clean bathrooms as a reason for their purchase, but they will certainly mention these things if they’re not properly maintained. If an overworked HVAC is causing problems or a leak in the bathroom needs to be addressed, your employees will also be embarrassed working with customers onsite. Don’t let this happen to your employees or customers — invest in proper facility maintenance. 

Maintenance can also improve the health of your employees. 

You can improve indoor air quality, water accessibility, and safety at your facility by providing regular maintenance services. Your HVAC technicians can ensure that filters and ducts are regularly cleaned to prevent mold and mildew buildup. Your roofing and general contractors can help your facility be better prepared for natural disasters. All of these things add up to help employees feel safer and more prideful of their company. 

Maintenance is the backbone of your facility and its people. Invest in the future of your building with preventative maintenance from MaintenX. We employ top contractors in 13 states to ensure you get the best service every time. Call us today for details!

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