How Smart Utility Meters Can Save You Money

What is a “Smart” Utility Meter?

Smart electric utility meters are electronic devices that track and record electricity usage in customers’ homes, businesses, or facilities. These smart meters automatically record energy data and then send it back to your power company.

Smart utility meters can provide fast, precise measurements of electricity use while removing the need for an estimated monthly bill or human meter readers.

While there are many benefits to smart utility meters, there have also been concerns raised by the public that smart utility meters are collecting customers’ private information. Critics of smart utility meters argue that this collection of data is a violation of customers’ privacy.


Some of the benefits of smart utility meters include:

  • Faster power-restoration times: some smart utility meters can notify the power company if a power outage occurs, allowing them to more efficiently map and address service problems, and restore your power faster than with a traditional meter.
  • A greener option: advocates for smart utility meters argue that the automation of meter-reading could take thousands of service vehicles off the road, reducing power companies’ carbon footprints.
  • The ability to check your energy consumption in real time gives you a better and more accurate understanding of your energy habits.

If you are considering a smart utility meter for your home or business, contact your power company and ask about your options.

If you’d like to know more about smart utility meter technology, contact MaintenX.