How Sustainability Standards Are Changing Commercial Facilities

“Sustainability” is a buzzword we hear a lot in the world of commercial maintenance. How to reduce energy consumption, create cleaner products, and reduce waste are all hot topics at conferences and in industry news, but very few of these big ideas trickle down into everyday small business practice. However, the ideas that do stick are slowly changing the way commercial facilities are designed and operated at the ground level.

Approximately 50% of executives in the U.S. consider sustainability an important measure for their business. Incorporating environmental and social sustainability practices not only makes for a better business but can boost a company’s reputation and even save money in some circumstances. One of the most common ways in which a company can invest in sustainability is through commercial building renovations.

Commercial real estate can be designed to meet any of these sustainability goals:

  • To lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • To improve energy efficiency and waste management
  • To improve water conservation
  • To create a healthier environment for employees
  • To facilitate the production of green products and services

Through better technology development and implementation of energy efficiency measures, commercial facilities can become a part of the change toward a more sustainable future. But, how does that look for a small business in their everyday operations?

  • A building that upgrades to an energy-efficient HVAC system reduces its carbon footprint immediately
  • A small business that adds solar panels to its roofing can reduce its energy bill and its carbon-based energy consumption
  • A multi-tenant building that invests in efficient plumbing can reduce water waste and save on monthly water costs
  • A building that invests in reflective or energy-efficient roofing and windows can lower its cooling bills in the summer, thus reducing its energy use
  • A small business that switches to recycled napkins, straws, and cutlery can reduce its waste for a comparable price

These small actions are what make the sustainability movement possible at every level. From the Fortune 500 to mom and pop shops down the street, by investing in clean buildings we can invest in a cleaner future.

To learn more about sustainable options for your facility, contact your local MaintenX team today.

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