How to Adjust Your Maintenance Plan After a Building Expansion

A facility expansion is exciting news. It means that your company is growing, and that you’re able to bring in even more revenue for future growth. While expansions are good news, they can also be tricky for facility managers to handle. You must consider all aspects of the transition and plan accordingly to keep your operational flow steady. 

When the expansion is complete, you will have to organize the movement of new equipment and staff, and plan ahead for maintenance. It’s not just the new things that change — you will need to update your preventative maintenance program, train new maintenance members, and be available to answer the influx of questions from staff. 

Luckily, if you are a MaintenX client, you have someone to lean on during this chaotic time. We can easily and effectively adjust any preventative maintenance plan through our advanced work-order management system. As you manage this expansion, here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Adjust your preventative maintenance plan as you go. 

With an expansion comes new assets, many of which will need to be added to your preventative maintenance plan. Don’t wait until everything is done to double-back and add new assets to the schedule. When you install a new unit or system, tell your MaintenX contractors and we will add it to our work-order management database. 

Think through the design of your new space. 

Many expansions are poorly thought out, and leave tenants or employees in the space with less than what they need to thrive. For example, many facility managers fail to account for the number of wall outlets needed for an office space before it’s too late, and employees are sharing power strips to stay connected. Before moving everyone in, work with your MaintenX team to ensure that all HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems will fully account for your needs.

Keep an eye out for employee problems. 

A new facility expansion may mean you’re adding new employees to your space. This can be exciting, but you must be sure that those employees aren’t forgotten or left to their own devices. Provide plenty of resources for new and existing employees during the expansion to ensure a smooth transition. This includes your onsite maintenance staff. 

If you are planning a building expansion in the near future, contact your MaintenX team today. We are always here to help you with affordable and reliable preventative maintenance service.

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