How To Attract Top Talent to Facility Management Roles

Facility maintenance and facility management are tough roles to find exceptional talent. It takes incredible diligence, accountability, and enthusiasm for a job well done that not all people possess. Oftentimes facility management roles are seen as boring, but nobody is more important in maintaining the excellence of a business than those who care for the building and equipment where the magic happens. 


If you’re looking for those few special individuals who understand and care about facility management, you need to recruit using different tactics than you would for other positions. Below are three tips to help you recruit the best maintenance team members for your facility, as well as what to look for in the interview process: 


Outline a positive career trajectory

If you’re trying to recruit young talent, offer tangible options for career advancement through a facility management position. By showing the milestones, educational opportunities, and bigger salaries that are possible over the years, you can attract the kind of professionals who are serious about a career in maintenance management.


Offer opportunities to collaborate.

Facility management can often be a lonely job, with only the occasional onsite inspection or meeting with the maintenance department requiring a group effort. However, as organizations move to a more collaborative business model as a whole, you can make space for facility managers to work hands-on with their maintenance teams for a more rewarding experience overall. 


Emphasize work-life balance. 

It is often said that employees cause more stress on their managers than managers do on their employees. This is because management is responsible for not just one, but everyone’s jobs and often takes the ultimate blame when things go wrong. As a facility manager, stress can get to you if you don’t have a healthy work-life balance. In order to attract hard workers and keep them, promote a healthy work-life balance with paid time off, regular weekends, and options to pursue outside goals through educational or volunteer opportunities. 

What to Look For In A Facility Manager

With these three recruitment tips, you should be able to find top talent in the maintenance field. However, finding the perfect candidate for your business may take some time and research. When interviewing your candidates, look for these qualities: 


  • Exceptional planning and task-oriented scheduling ability
  • Understanding of financials and legal terms related to facility compliance
  • Exceptionally detail-oriented and organized
  • Computer-savvy and familiar with work-order management systems
  • Interest in your company’s industry as well as the facility management field
  • Up-to-date on sustainability in the maintenance field
  • Ability to lead and communicate across departments
  • Technical background as a maintenance worker a plus

With these tips and traits, you are guaranteed to find a facility manager that can do the job right. For more facility management resources, visit our blog.

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