How To Better Manage Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance is one of the more difficult aspects of maintenance strategy. When a breakdown occurs, diagnostics and repairs must be expedited to limit equipment downtime as much as possible. However, a more thorough diagnostics and preventative maintenance strategy incorporated into the breakdown repair typically yields better results. Balancing efficiency with effectiveness is the ultimate test of a skilled maintenance technician. In order to achieve this, breakdown maintenance must be handled very carefully. 


If your team is struggling with recurring emergency repairs, there are steps you can take to improve your maintenance plan:


Place the most experienced technicians on breakdown repair. 

While breakdown repairs are beneficial for technicians to learn and test their skills, speed is incredibly important when working in commercial facilities. We strive to put our most experienced technicians on emergency repairs to ensure your breakdown maintenance doesn’t take longer than needed. 


Replace failing assets. 

If you notice you’re spending more and more of your maintenance budget on repairs for a single asset, it may be time to start shopping for upgrades. At a certain point, a piece of machinery will be more costly to repair than it will be to replace. When you reach this point, talk to your MaintenX team about energy-efficient upgrades for your HVAC< roofing, plumbing, or electrical system. 


Have a plan in place. 

Even if your facility is following a preventative maintenance plan to a T, you have to be ready for emergency breakdowns. A storm, power outage, or act of God can always take out critical facility equipment, and you don’t want to be left unprepared when it happens. Talk to your MaintenX team about incorporating reactive maintenance plans at your facility as part of your overall maintenance strategy. 


MaintenX is here to help you with both reactive and preventative repairs. To learn more about your facility maintenance options, contact us today.

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