How To Find Reliable Outsourced Maintenance Partners

Outsourcing maintenance and repair work is becoming the new normal for commercial facilities across the U.S. Limble CMMS conducted a 2021 Maintenance trends study that showed over 90% of facilities outsource maintenance tasks instead of staffing a full-time maintenance team. This is in large part due to the lower cost of outsourcing, and the better selection of qualified specialists who would rather subcontract than work full-time for a facility. Other reasons to outsource maintenance include: 


  • Ability to delegate more resources to core staffing
  • Greater flexibility in maintenance staffing and budget
  • Higher caliber subcontractors are available when needed without having to pay full-time salaries for experts in the field


While outsourcing your maintenance can be highly beneficial to your business, you need to ensure you hire quality technicians for your HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing repair. Here’s what to look for before you hire: 


Ability to address your specific concerns. 

Before you hire a maintenance contractor, go over some of your current roadblocks and maintenance issues you want to address. If they can provide clear solutions for your facility’s current state, you will be off to a better start. 


Financial stability. 

While new companies can have a lot of talent to offer, a financially secure business is better for long-term strategy. If you are looking to contract with a maintenance partner for several years, choose a company that has been in business a long time and can prove their success year after year. 


Reputable individual contractors.

The strength of a maintenance company comes from the training, knowledge, and experience of its individual technicians. If you have positive experiences with the company’s onsite workers, you can rest assured that the rest of the staff is committed to excellence. 


An established reputation in your industry. 

Not all maintenance companies can handle a medical facility, large-scale restaurant, or industrial site. Each of these types of commercial buildings has specific needs that require a specialist’s attention, so it’s important to look for a partner that can meet your facility’s demands. 


MaintenX specialties in restaurant, healthcare, retail, and commercial sites and have built a reputation for excellence in these fields. To learn about our services for your industry, contact your local MaintenX team.

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