How to Better Manage the Chaotic Side of Facility Maintenance

Maintenance is supposed to prevent chaos, frustration, and turmoil. Unfortunately, poorly managed maintenance programs can cause more problems as they prevent. There are many things going on behind the scenes that the facility manager may be unaware of or doesn’t understand. 

At MaintenX, we strive to create a clear line of communication between our clients and technicians. This means that we not only deliver results, but help our clients understand where their maintenance dollars are going. However, this task isn’t easy. Below are just a few examples of ways in which maintenance communication problems can occur:

Inefficient work order requests

Employees and tenants often do not understand the importance of work order management in maintenance, and perhaps neither do you. Our work order management system is highly advanced, but occasionally things slip through the cracks when not reported correctly. This leads to disappointment from the client, and confusion on the part of our technicians. To avoid this, we encourage clients to take advantage of the MaintenX work order management system to ensure their service is delivered promptly and efficiently. 

Unknown cause of breakdowns

MaintenX technicians are trained to be able to diagnose and fix most maintenance issues within their specialty. But unfortunately, not even the best technician can solve every mystery. Sometimes breakdowns occur and there is no direct cause or correlation from which to draw a conclusion. This requires understanding from the facility manager, and patience on the part of the technician to make the best call in an uncertain situation. 

Unrealistic expectations

Most tenants and facility managers have very little understanding of the maintenance involved in their space. That’s why they hire us to handle issues. However, this can cause problems when a tenant or employee expects service to be done on their timeline, rather than the technician’s. Not all maintenance issues can be solved in a day or in an hour. It is best to trust the technician and understand that quality work takes time. 

Measuring the wrong kind of progress

The best technicians perform more preventative maintenance than they do emergency maintenance. However, preventative maintenance success is measured very differently, and may look more like an expense than an investment. Keep in mind, when evaluating maintenance performance, the goal is not to fix broken things. The goal is to improve performance and extend service life, as well as prevent equipment from breaking down in the first place. 

Keep in mind that maintenance is an inherently unpredictable, agile element to your operations. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes communication is lost, and expectations are not met or set. At MaintenX we strive everyday to reduce uncertainty and chaos at your facility through effective preventative maintenance. The first step for us is talking to you about our process, and setting you up with a preventative maintenance schedule. 

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