How To Choose Your HVAC System Upgrade

Upgrading your HVAC system is a very expensive undertaking for a commercial facility. Choosing the right upgrade depends on a multivariable decision-making process, weighing the costs, energy-efficiency, performance, and ratings of each unit. While you may have an idea of what kind of HVAC unit you want for your facility, below are some factors you may not have considered: 

Has your space been recently renovated? 

Some commercial facilities decide to upgrade their HVAC unit when they renovate a space within the building. If you have expanded or downsized, you may want to reconsider the type and capacity of the HVAC system you buy. Not only will you need to consider the type of unit, but you may also need to reconfigure the duct system to better serve your newly renovated space. 

Do you have air quality issues?

Certain facilities and industries are at increased risk of compromised indoor air quality. Industrial facilities, salons, commercial kitchens, and laundry facilities can have an increased risk of chemical pollutants that can put tenants at risk if not addressed. If your facility is being used for one of these purposes or for an industry that could reduce indoor air quality, take this into account when selecting your HVAC system. You may also want to look into ventilation add-ons such as a filtration system or air purifiers. 

What will your space be used for? 

If you’re changing the usage of your space, you should consider upgrading the HVAC system. For example, an office building does not require the same cooling power that a gym or commercial kitchen needs. Your HVAC system should fit not only the size of the room, but the demands of the tenants. This is important to factor into your purchase decision. 

Are your current tenants comfortable? 

If you have no current complaints from tenants about your HVAC system, you could feasibly replace the current model with a similarly priced and performing model. However, if you’re having trouble keeping tenants cooled, heated, or if they complain about noise or inconsistencies in temperature, you will need to look into more powerful models. 

You need to think carefully when purchasing a new HVAC unit, but you don’t need to think when choosing your installation and preventative maintenance team. MaintenX is top-rated for both HVAC maintenance and installation because we always put the customer first. To learn more about our HVAC services, contact us today!

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