How To Encourage Better Maintenance Technician Performance

Maintenance technicians are some of the hardest-working members of your team. They spend a great deal of time in a technical school or apprenticeship learning the tricks of the trade, as well as years on the job perfecting their skills. Technicians’ work is also demanding both physically and mentally, making only strong and enthusiastic people capable of advancing in the field. 


While maintenance technicians are most often hard workers, you can still help them improve performance by creating a work environment that is tailored to their needs and work style. Below are three ways you can encourage the best from your maintenance team with simple changes to your maintenance program: 


Be goal-oriented, not time-oriented

Most facility managers understand that good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good. The same is true for speed. While it’s an important metric to study, speed isn’t nearly as important as the quality of service performed. If you allow your maintenance technicians to prioritize attention to detail over speed, you’ll get better service in the end. 


Offer training incentives 

Ongoing training is a necessary part of the maintenance field. As new technologies develop, lessons learned in technical school become obsolete. By offering training programs on the job as well as incentives for attending voluntary seminars, you can improve your team’s performance and foster individual career growth. 


Celebrate good work

Oftentimes maintenance technicians are only called in when something is going wrong. While this can make them heroes in times of crisis, it can also make them scapegoats for underlying problems in the facility structure. If you want your maintenance employees to enjoy their work, be sure to highlight a job well done when it happens. By appreciating the preventative maintenance services given by technicians, you will see an improvement in emergency service as well. 


At MaintenX, our technicians are the backbone of our facilities. We take pride in our ability to deliver excellent service and it all starts with the skill, dedication, and enthusiasm of our maintenance teams. We provide these benefits and so many more for working with MaintenX in order to grow this enthusiasm for the trade both in our current employees and in the future generation of facility repair. 


If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work with MaintenX, give us a call or visit our career center for information about open positions.

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