Tips for Requesting HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, and Energy Upgrades for Your Facility

Requesting funding for maintenance repairs is one of the more difficult tasks for the facility manager to accomplish. As part of the management team, they need to advocate for their maintenance team’s needs. However, upper management rarely wants to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on things like new plumbing or an energy-efficient HVAC system. 


These unglamorous purchases are essential to business function but don’t present the flashy ROI or sales numbers of other investments. Therefore, as the facility manager, you need to create a convincing case for your facility upgrade. If you’re struggling to create a convincing proposal, here’s what you can do: 


Highlight the cost savings vs. initial investment. 

A pricey energy-efficient upgrade to your facility can seem like an unnecessary expense in the eyes of upper management. However, if you can prove that this new repair will pay for itself in cost-savings, you make it much more difficult for them to say no. 


Gain employee or customer support. 

Upgrading to a new HVAC system may seem unnecessary, that is until you have an army of employees who can attest to the poor indoor air quality or climate control experienced throughout your facility. Upper management may say no to a plumbing upgrade until you point out our bad online reviews linked to a leaky faucet or backed up toilet. By showing the human impact of your new maintenance upgrade, you can make a more convincing case for the financial investment. 


Highlight environmental benefits. 

If you’re pushing for solar panel roofing, an energy-efficient HVAC system, or smart lighting, show how your proposed investment will improve the reputation of your business for its commitment to sustainability. Even the smallest upgrades to environmentally-conscious appliances matter to consumers, and they can make your business stand out from the rest. 


Pitch in advance.

As the facility manager, you should have a plan in place for when you need to replace different pieces of facility equipment. Rather than pitching the upgrades when they’re needed, ask for them well in advance. This allows the decision-maker to plan the upgrade into next year’s budget rather than subtracting from their current needs and demands. 


Maintenance upgrades can be made glamorous with the right mindset. If you are looking to upgrade some of your facility equipment, contact MaintenX today to consult with a professional on your options.

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