How To Get A Maintenance Upgrade Approved By Upper Management

The role of facility management is oftentimes a difficult, thankless position. You know as the maintenance expert in your building that an HVAC system will not live forever, and likely have put great effort into extending the performance life of your current units. However, there comes a time when preventative maintenance can’t do it all. It’s time for an HVAC upgrade, but not everyone will be on board with this decision. 

People never notice when an HVAC system is working perfectly. They only start to voice their opinions when it’s too hot during the summer or too chilly during the winter. If you and your maintenance staff are doing your jobs, then it’s unlikely that anyone will think about your facility’s system needs. However, as systems start to wear, it’s essential to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient model. 

So, how do you convince upper management to budget for this new upgrade, before your current unit starts costing you in repair time? Below are 4 proven benefits of HVAC upgrades you can use to make your case: 

Improved tenant comfort and employee productivity. 

It’s no surprise that tenants are happier when they have complete climate control in their space. However, the effects of temperature on productivity have also been studied, and there is a positive correlation to a cool environment and increased focus. While they may not be complaining yet, choosing to upgrade can help make everyone inside the building happier to be there. 

Health benefits from an upgraded ventilation system. 

“Sick building syndrome” is a serious problem for facilities with poor ventilation. When a ventilation system is not running at peak performance, bacteria and VOCs are circulated in the HVAC system. This can cause minor health problems such as congestion and exacerbation of respiratory illness. If you upgrade your HVAC system now, you can reduce the liability of the facility and keep your tenants safe.

Increased energy efficiency. 

An old HVAC system will require more energy to cool or heat a space than one that is running at peak performance. Many new commercial HVAC systems are designed to reduce energy usage not only for environmental reasons but to help reduce energy expenses. Since energy costs account for over one-third of building expenses, this is a compelling reason to upgrade. 

Reduce maintenance costs. 

There is a direct correlation between HVAC system age and maintenance costs. If your HVAC system is reaching the end of its service life (around 15-20 years for a commercial unit), you will inevitably spend more on repairs than is sustainable. The sooner you replace your units, the more you can save in unnecessary repairs. 

If you’re interested in upgrading your HVAC system, call your local MaintenX team. We specialize in HVAC/R installation services as well as long-term preventative care. Contact us today to learn more!

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