How to Make Custodial Cleaning Plans

It’s easy to feel frustrated when trying to create a cleaning plan for your facility’s custodial staff. Business owners and facility managers often don’t know how difficult or time-consuming specific custodial tasks are, and that lack of knowledge can lead to an inconvenient, unfair, or uneven workload distribution.

This can lead to a lot of issues. Custodial staff can feel overwhelmed, under- or over-utilized, or just plain stressed. Thankfully, we’ve compiled some tips to get your custodial cleaning plans in working order.


Firstly, make a list of all the cleaning duties you need performed and how often. Some will be daily, others weekly, and others once or twice a year. Once you have a full list, then you can begin the next step of the process.

Goal Setting

A custodial cleaning plan needs to include realistic goals. Having a plan allows you to see what can be done, what cannot be, and what’s unrealistic. Additionally, it allows you the ability to address unforeseen changes and to add new tasks into the existing cleaning plan.

Square Footage

Understanding your facilities’ square footage is an important part of a good custodial staffing plan. This will help you to assign specific areas to individual staff members and give the custodians a visual framework of the tasks they need to perform.

Break Rooms & Restrooms

A clean restroom is a requirement of any working environment. It ensures safety while reducing the risk of spreading disease. Kitchens and breakrooms are no different. All of these areas should be cleaned and sanitized often.


Even the most scrupulous cleaning plan is useless without well-trained workers to carry it out. Whether you hire in-house or use an outside cleaning company, you’ll need to do your homework and make sure you hire the best custodians for the job.

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