The Biggest Innovations in Facility Management

Recent advances in the field of facility management have changed the playing field, and new trends are always developing. Below are the biggest innovations in facility management.

Business Methods

Facility management now has access to a whole swath of tech solutions to problems faced by facility managers. Many of these programs and systems come with plenty of bells and whistles that help you optimize and track almost anything you can think of. Some include:

  • asset tracking
  • warranty handling
  • invoice feeds
  • automatic servicing scheduling
  • regulatory code compliance software

Smart Buildings

Smart building technology integrates various facility systems and sensors to adapt to the processes and habits of the people who work within its walls. These systems improve efficiency, comfort, and productivity. Here’s how a smart building’s integration works. Combined with facility management software, the data taken by the sensors can be relayed into trackable information that is used to implement changes, lower energy costs, and even automatically augment processes for optimum efficiency.

There’s no doubt that technological advancements are already changing the way facilities services attend to the needs of companies and organizations. Not only that, but commercial property owners are increasingly asking for more specialized tech solutions to improve service quality while reducing costs. It’s a tall order, to be sure. But the field of facility management is changing just as fast as industry needs are.

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