How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Roofing systems have limited lifespans which vary depending on climate, exposure to the elements, build type, and installation method. Regardless, however, all roofs need regular inspections and routine maintenance to ensure a long, healthy life. Appropriate care and maintenance can prolong the life of a roof for years to come. 

Know the Basics

It is essential to understand that your facility’s roof is made up of more than just shingles. Your facility’s roof includes many working parts, including mechanical and electrical equipment, roof drainage equipment, and rooftop communication equipment, just to mention a few components.

Collect Data

Good roof management begins with taking an inventory of the current state of the roof. Firstly, you should know the number, size, age, and maintenance history of the roof.

Collect the following data:

  • Contractor and manufacturer warranty information
  • Maintenance and repair data
  • Changes or upgrades
  • Records of work performed

Facility Management Software

Facility management software programs that store and update this information will be very helpful. These specialized software systems allow you to track the complete cost of managing and maintaining your roof and other maintenance task over time. Many large facilities have multiple roof sections of many sizes, types, and ages. Different roof construction projects with varying levels of warranty and materials can become confusing and overly complicated over time without proper record keeping.

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