Is Active Shooter Training Necessary in the Workplace?

It is a sad fact that violence is a threat in American workplaces. Although thankfully still rare, workplace shootings and other violent acts are still a danger to organizations. Workplaces around the country are taking smart preventative action by creating active shooter action plans and investing in company-wide training programs designed to keep employees as safe as possible in the event of a violent incident.

Proper training can prepare workers for emergency situations by empowering them to recognize warning signs of workplace violence and to respond effectively in the moment during any potential incident.

Craft a Plan and Ensure Safety for All Employees

When crafting your active shooter preparedness plan, consider the following:

  • The various categories of possible workplace violence
  • Knowledge of and education about the myths surrounding workplace violence
  • Industry or company-specific areas of concern
  • Company-wide workplace safety training
  • Creating a culture that strongly encourages reporting
  • Action plans for how to deal with active shooter scenarios
  • Adding a company-wide, easily accessible, and anonymous hotline where staff can call to report suspicious behavior without the threat of personal or professional action taken against them for doing so

Although it is a delicate topic, it is important that you, your managers, and your staff are prepared in the unlikely event that your facility encounters a threat like this. Make sure that you have an action plan in place to ensure the safety of your most important assets: your people.