How To Prevent Overworking Your HVAC System This Summer

Summertime is one of the busiest seasons for restaurants, retail outlets, and offices. However, with this influx in foot traffic, you can expect an increase in your cooling costs. Your HVAC will be working overtime to cool your large space, and that can lead to premature breakdowns if you’re not careful. 


MaintenX cares about your HVAC health and recommends you follow these guidelines to keep your system in peak performance. 


Schedule a tune-up

A tuneup is your best defense against unwanted HVAC problems in the summer. By checking your unit for minor issues and repairs, you can prevent major issues when your HVAC is working overtime. A tune-up can also help you increase your units’ performance which will help you keep up with summer demands. 


Clean out your air ducts and filters

One of the primary culprits of inefficient HVAC units is the air duct system. If not cleaned regularly, they can become clogged with dirt and debris and provide less cool air to your facility. This can also reduce indoor air quality which impacts the overall health of your workplace. Talk to your MaintenX technician about a cleaning schedule that is appropriate for your unit. 


Use fans to keep it cool 

It can be very tempting to turn the thermostat down lower and lower in an attempt to keep things cooler. However, this will lead to problems with the HVAC later on, as it will be overworked and will start to need regular repairs. Instead, utilize the fans in your office space to keep air flowing. This will help it feel cooler and also improve overall air quality. 


Install window treatments

You may enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine, but keeping the blinds closed will help to reduce the temperature inside the office. This can be done in rooms where natural light is not necessary. If you love natural light, try energy-efficient windows instead. These can reduce heat without sacrificing the sunshine. 


If you are still having issues with your HVAC system after following these steps, call your MaintenX technician for help. Your system may have a more serious problem that needs professional diagnosis and reactive maintenance care. 


To learn more about general HVAC maintenance and preventative care steps, contact your local MaintenX today!

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