Four Small Roofing Issues That Will Cause Big Repairs

Your facility’s roofing takes more damage than the rest of your facility on a daily basis. It is exposed to intense sun, rain, wind, falling debris, and even snow in some areas. It can also be damaged by foot traffic, faulty repairs, and myriad human errors during installation or maintenance. Hopefully, you’ve chosen the professionals at MaintenX for all of your roofing repairs. However, even with top-notch care your roof can experience maintenance issues throughout the year that need to be addressed. 


Below are four common roofing issues that often lead to major repairs when they are not addressed immediately. If you notice any of these issues with your roofing, contact your MaintenX specialists immediately:


Gaps in flashing

Flashing is used as a protective layer against moisture and debris, but sometimes gaps can develop around a roof penetration such as a ventilation site or from damage to the roofing. If the damage goes unnoticed during your roof inspection, it can allow water to seep in and cause permanent damage to your facility. By the time you notice the water damage from the inside, you’ll be in for thousands of dollars of roofing and interior repairs. 


Debris buildup

Debris in your gutters, stuck between shingles, or simply piling up on your roof is much more than an eyesore. It can put added weight onto your roofing system which can cause it to deteriorate and buckle under the pressure. Organic debris such as leaves and tree branches will also retain moisture which leads to mold growth. Proper roof inspections and cleaning will reduce problems related to debris. 


Restricted water runoff

Whether you have a gutter system or a drainage system for flat roofing, clogged water drainage is a major problem for roofing. This immediately leads to water damage which you may not notice until it has caused serious internal damage. This can even put your electrical and HVAC systems at risk if they are involved in the water damage. Schedule regular gutter or drain cleanings to ensure you never run into this issue.


Roof membrane damage

This is nearly impossible for the untrained eye to spot. Oftentimes, membrane damage occurs when workers are walking around the roof, or after a major storm has caused serious roof damage. This reduces your roofing’s ability to withstand water and can weaken its entire structure if not repaired quickly. Roofing inspections from MaintenX can help you spot membrane and other roofing structural damage before it becomes catastrophic. 


MaintenX’s roofing specialists can help you find roofing issues early and repair them for an affordable cost. Don’t let your roofing issues go unnoticed! Schedule a consultation today to learn what MaintenX can do for you. 

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