How To Reduce Noise Inside Your Building

Creating a quiet commercial indoor space is essential for all businesses. Whether you’re operating an office space or a local restaurant, you want to keep indoor and outdoor disturbances to a minimum in order to enhance the atmosphere. Employees need quiet in order to concentrate, and customers want a quiet atmosphere in order to relax and enjoy their experience. However, reducing noise is not as easy as one might think. 


If your facility is experiencing uncomfortable levels of noise, try these four methods to reduce the commotion and create a more productive workspace: 


Carpeting and rugs

Carpet and rugs can help absorb unwanted noise as opposed to hard floor surfaces. While this may not be an option for all areas of your facility, it can be impactful in areas where carpeting is a safe option. Other cloth items like curtains can also help absorb noise coming from outside the building. 


Rubber door sweeps

Rubber door stops seal the gaps between the flooring and door to reduce noise coming in through the cracks. Building managers are often surprised by how much noise can be blocked with this simple addition. The same practice should be applied to windows as well. By sealing the gaps in your windows and doors you can noticeably reduce the noise coming in from outside. 


Identifying loud furnishings and appliances

Perhaps the noise that’s most disrupting to your facility is coming from desk chairs scraping against the floors, or a noisy kitchen appliance that needs to be replaced. By identifying your biggest culprits, you can effectively transform your workspace. 


Isolating loud equipment

Sometimes there is no way around having loud equipment at your facility. It may be necessary for your operation, or simply cannot be replaced at the time. If so, do your best to isolate this equipment to reduce distractions for your staff and employees. 


MaintenX can help you improve your facility design to reduce noise and other distractions to your employees and customers. To learn more, you can contact us or visit our resource center

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