Tips for Improving Your Restaurant Dining Area

MaintenX specializes in maintenance services for restaurants. We understand the beating your facility takes on a daily basis, as well as the long hours you work in order to create a thriving enterprise. All of this work means your maintenance schedule must be planned carefully and preferably, ahead of schedule. Unexpected repairs are the enemy to a restaurant owner which is why we avoid them at all costs. 


While MaintenX is known for our restaurant preventative care, we also help new restaurant owners wil equipment installation and facility design. Below are some of the most common design strategies we see that help our clients maximize their service experience once open: 


Prioritize ambiance over maximizing capacity

You want to be able to seat as many people as possible, but not if you have to sacrifice ambiance for guests. You want plenty of space between tables (especially those that aren’t booths). Once you have enough seating for a minimum capacity to break even, build slowly and stop once tables start to get less than four to six feet away from each other. 


Minimize unpleasant seating

Areas close to the front entrance, near the kitchen, or too close to the restrooms can create an unpleasant atmosphere for guests. By creating long hallways at entrances, bathroom areas, and kitchen spaces, you can minimize poor seating options. 


Schedule preventative care for your HVAC system

The HVAC system is arguably the most critical system in your entire restaurant for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for guests. Commercial kitchens produce heat, smoke, and aromas that can taint the guest experience if you don’t have proper ventilation to remove them. Similarly, a tight capacity can make a restaurant feel stuffy if you don’t have proper air conditioning in the spring and summer. By investing in a high-quality system and preventative care, you can ensure your guests always have a comfortable atmosphere when they dine. 


If you need help with your restaurant’s HVAC system, call MaintenX today! We are experts in commercial kitchen ventilation and can help you install and maintain a system that works for you for years. 

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