How To Reduce Your Building’s Carbon Footprint

Environmental sustainability is something we take very seriously at MaintenX. We are headquartered in sunny Florida, which is an area already experiencing the effects of climate change from rising sea levels, ocean pollution, and drastic changes in climate patterns that affect our hurricane seasons. While many of these issues are difficult to deal with, there is also a great opportunity for businesses to improve their environmental sustainability practices. 

If your business wants to take part in reducing its carbon footprint, there are several easy adjustments you can make:

Planning ahead.

It’s much easier to build sustainability into a building than it is to try and course-correct for an existing business. If you’re open/ing a new building or coming in as a new tenant, take advantage of the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint through building materials, structures, and processes.

Purchasing energy-efficient appliances.

MaintenX helps our clients install energy-efficient HVAC systems and electrical appliances for several reasons. Not only do they reduce a buildings’ carbon footprint, but they help save you on energy costs. While the savings may seem small at first, the long-term cost reduction from energy-efficient appliances can help your business’  budget tremendously.

Taking advantage of renewable resources.

Solar panels and water recycling programs can help commercial facilities reduce energy needs by making use of what they already have. In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, our clients have access to nearly 14 hours of sunlight in the summertime. Buildings that take advantage of this and convert that sunlight into energy can reduce their carbon footprint and produce their own energy sustainably. 

Choose sustainable materials.

Sustainable building doesn’t have to be expensive. Many building materials are made from recycled materials, such as EPDM rubber for roofing and upcycled wood. When planning renovations for your building, these small changes can make a big difference in the carbon footprint of your project. 

Green landscaping.

Low-water landscaping can help reduce your facility’s overall energy consumption and make it easier to care for the grounds year-round. Landscaping can also help create a more wildlife-friendly ecosystem by partially restoring natural habitats and encouraging pollination of other native species in the area.

If you are ready to create change at your facility through environmental sustainability renovations, contact MaintenX today! We offer expert recommendations and installation services for eco-friendly appliances and renovations. 

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