How To Remove Mold From Roofing

Roofing maintenance is typically straightforward. You clean your gutters every year, replace shingles after a storm, and make sure that water penetration is kept at bay. However, not many commercial facility owners realize their building may be at risk for molding on their roof. If water does not dry after heavy rainfall, you could have a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. That’s why MaintenX wants to give you all the tips, tricks, and warning signs to ensure you prevent mold from forming on your roof. 


Below are the steps to prevent, identify, and remove mold from your commercial roof:


Step One: Prevention

The best way to prevent mold growth on the roof is to ensure proper water drainage. This is simple if you have a slanted roof; as long as you keep your gutters clean, you should be able to drain water easily. However, flat roofs or roofing with damage can collect water, causing mold to grow. Ask your MaintenX specialist about drainage solutions for your roofing. 


Step Two: Identifying mold

Most facility owners and managers don’t take a close look at their roofing on a regular basis. This makes it very easy for mold problems to get out of hand. While you may not want to inspect the rooftops on a weekly basis, you should always be on the lookout for internal signs of water damage. Visually inspect the ceiling for signs of water leaks or mold, and have your maintenance team do an outdoor inspection during service calls. This will help you get ahead of the mold problem more quickly. 


Step Three: Removal

You can remove mold from roofing in several ways. You can scrub it off with a brush or use a bleach or ammonia mixture to kill and clean it off. The cleaning solution that will work best for your roofing depends on the severity of the problem as well as the roofing material. For the best outcome, it’s best to contact your MaintenX professional for removal.


MaintenX is a specialist in roofing maintenance. We work with the best local professionals to ensure your roofing is clean, durable, and mold-free. Our solutions are not only safe but environmentally friendly when possible. We care about your business, which is why customers in 13 states choose us for all of their maintenance needs. 


To learn more about MaintenX’s roofing services, contact us!

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