Is Your Electrical Wiring A Fire Hazard?

Old damaged electrical wiring is one of the leading sources of commercial building fires we see at MaintenX. And yet, so many facility managers don’t give their wiring a second thought until it causes problems. It stays hidden within the walls, and facility managers forget about its maintenance. However, if you’re in an older building, this could lead to disaster. 


Below are some of the most common risk factors for electrical fires. If your electrician alerts you to any of these in your facility, take steps to fix the problem immediately. Your building will be much safer with the proper electrical maintenance service from MaintenX: 


Older insulation

Insulation keeps the wiring safe from everything inside the building. Over the years, it can become brittle, damaged, or chewed by animals. When this happens, it needs to be replaced by your electrician. If your wiring is not insulated, it can be chewed or exposed and cause sparks to fly. However, your MaintenX electrician can easily replace it with modern insulation throughout the facility. 


Low amp wiring

Older buildings may be fitted with wiring that is rated for a lower amp than modern equipment needs. If the wiring is used for too long, it can overload the circuit and cause an electrical fire. Typically, we recommend replacing the breakers with an arc fault circuit interrupter to eliminate the danger. However, your MaintenX electrician can give you a more specific diagnosis and solution when they visit for a consultation. 


Poorly maintained or modified wiring

Buildings that are over 50 years old have likely undergone electrical repairs by many electricians over the years. Electrical maintenance has changed drastically in that time, which means the repairs done earlier may not be up to the standards of today. In fact, electrical work from the past may have damaged the wiring more than it helped. If you have an older building, it’s important to schedule a consultation to ensure your wiring has not been damaged by repairs from the past. 


Improper pest control

Not only are rats and mice health hazards, but they will chew through your facility’s electrical wiring if they are able. This can lead to issues within the circuit or an electrical fire in more severe cases. While MaintenX does not offer pest control services, we can recommend you to a local provider to ensure that your electrical problems are not caused by pests in the wall. 


Poor electrical design

Your building likely has electrical wiring that met the codes of the age in which it was built. If your building is older, this could mean your electrical design is out of date. While this doesn’t often cause issues, if the wiring has a subpar design, it could lead to dangerous consequences when running modern equipment. Ask your MaintenX electrician about rewiring your building to meet modern codes and safety precautions. 


MaintenX is here to help you meet the modern needs of commercial facilities. To learn more about our electrical repair services, contact us today!

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