How To Safely Remove Tree Roots From Your Sewer Line

If you’ve worked at one facility for long enough, eventually you will experience a plumbing backup at your facility. While MaintenX tries to prevent these with hydro jetting services and regular maintenance services for your pipes, older buildings often experience plumbing issues as the pipes corrode over time. 


One of the most common causes of plumbing backups is the intrusion of tree roots in the main sewage lines. Contrary to popular belief, the tree roots don’t break the pipe itself. Rather, they are drawn to existing leaks due to moisture seeping out of the pipes, and will begin to move into the pipe break in order to absorb the water and nutrients. That means if you have a tree root problem in your pipes, you likely have corrosion problems in general that need to be addressed. 


How To Know If You Have Roots In Your System


The most common symptom of tree root invasion into pipes is plumbing backups or drains that are slowing down. While this is similar to any other kind of backup, you’ll be able to tell it’s a tree root if you can’t remove the blockage with a snake. 


The Solution


  • Cut roots from inside the sewer line – MaintenX can remove the roots using a snake-like machine that cuts the roots from the inside and makes them easy to flush out during your next hydro-jetting service. While this will temporarily solve the issue, it may recur if your piping is severely damaged because of the growth.


  • Use rock salt or other root-killing agents – Some tree roots can be eradicated with chemical means, similar to how drain cleaning chemicals dissolve hair and food in your drains at home. However, like drain cleaning solvents, these can cause corrosion and damage your piping further. 


  • Schedule a hydro jet cleaning – Smaller roots and organic material can be removed with a hydro-jetting service. This powerful spray of water will break the roots apart and flush them similar to the root cutting service. However, if your pipes are damaged, this can be risky. The hydro-jet cleaning can further open leaks in the pipes and cause long-term damage. 


  • Remove and replace the damaged pipe – The best and most permanent solution is to replace the damaged pipe entirely. This eliminates the possibility of a recurring backup, and offers you the opportunity to upgrade. You can also use this opportunity to insulate your piping to prevent tree root breaks in the future.  


Tree roots are a hassle, but they don’t have to be long-term ones. With MaintenX by your side, you can easily remove tree roots at an affordable price. Call us for more information! 

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