How To Tell If You’ve Hired An Experienced Roofer 

Commercial roofing jobs are time-intensive, costly, and have plenty of room for error. Without an experienced contractor, a new roofing installation or roofing repair can go awry within a matter of days. This could cost you hundreds of dollars in materials, or could cause maintenance issues later down the line, long after the contractors are gone. 

With a reputable roofing contractor, however, you can rest assured that your commercial facility is in good hands. A properly installed and maintained roof will add to the structural integrity of your building as well as its aesthetic appeal. When searching for a new roofing contractor, look for these four qualities: 

They use every safety precaution. 

Roofing can be hazardous work, especially if you don’t use proper safety equipment. Unfortunately, if things go wrong onsite, there is a chance you could be held liable as the property owner rather than the contractor who did not follow proper protocols. Avid this risk by choosing a contractor that prioritizes the safety of its team. 

They use high-quality materials. 

The right material will make a major impact on the durability and lifespan of your roofing. If the wrong materials are chosen, your roof will see early signs of damage or corrosion. When you talk to your contractor, ensure that they are providing high-quality material options for your construction. 

They are specialized in commercial roofing repair and installation. 

Residential roofing is very different from commercial roofing, but an inexperienced contractor may not know the difference. The same techniques and materials used for residential roofing on a commercial building could result in disaster. While some companies can do both residential and commercial roofing, it’s best to look for a specialist. 

They provide maintenance services.  

From laying waterproof membranes, to long-term preventative maintenance, and everything in between, experienced roofers can do more than just install. Your roofing contractor should be able to provide ongoing cleaning, repair, and maintenance, or at least recommend you to a company that can perform these services. When in doubt, look for a total facility repair company that can perform cleaning, installation, maintenance, and more. 

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