Identifying and Responding to HVAC Emergencies

Most of the work we do at MaintenX is preventative. Luckily, the programs we implement with customers are effective in reducing reactive maintenance and improving overall facility performance. However, we still specialize in emergency maintenance despite the effectiveness of our preventative care. Why? Because when a maintenance emergency hits, you want the very best technicians available. 


Below are the 4 most common HVAC emergencies we experience, and tips for how to identify and respond to them quickly: 


Clogged drain lines

The evaporator coil in an HVAC system creates condensation, which must be drained in order for the unit to function. Typically water drains easily as it builds up, but sometimes clogs can develop. When this happens, the water has nowhere to go and will back up into the system or into the walls. This can cause serious water damage to your HVAC unit and the surrounding area where it is installed. If you notice any signs of water damage, you’ll need to MaintenX immediately. If water damage is left unchecked, you could be looking at replacement costs rather than repairs. 


Electrical issues

Electrical issues with your HVAC units can cause the entire system to shut down. In many cases, this can render an entire commercial facility inoperable, especially those that require constant ventilation. Electrical issues, though inconvenient, are usually a simple fix. This issue is easy to identify, and a call to your MaintenX electrician is all that’s needed. 


Blocked air ducts

Ventilation is just as important as temperature control in your facility. While you may not notice it as readily, it is essential to the health of your facility and it’s tenants. If the air ducts become clogged with dust or debris, you may notice an uneven distribution of hot or cold air. You will also notice that your HVAC system is running continuously. If this happens, ask your MaintenX HVAC technician to come out the next day to clean the air ducts and run further diagnostics. 


Gas leak

The most serious HVAC emergency you could experience is a gas leak. They can be caused by a crack in the gas line, and if left unnoticed can cause explosions. Don’t take this risk lightly — it is not as uncommon as facility managers may believe. You will likely notice the smell of rotten eggs in your facility, which is a signal that you should contact your HVAC technician immediately. 


These HVAC emergencies are worrisome, but MaintenX is always here to help. Our professional HVAC technicians are trained for emergency repairs and will be able to quickly diagnose the problem. If you are ever concerned about your HVAC performance, call us!

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