Celebrate Earth Day With These Green Changes To Your Facility

Happy Earth Day! On April 22nd, we at MaintenX want to celebrate all the advances in the facility maintenance industry that are helping us change the planet, one day at a time. 


Environmental sustainability is important to us, which is why we are always looking for the next advancement to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint. From energy-efficient appliances to simple office transformations, we believe that every step counts toward our goal of a sustainable future. Even the addition of a recycling bin in the office shows that your facility cares about the future of your community and the world. 


Below are five different ways you can celebrate Earth Day in your facility with eco-friendly change: 


Start a recycling program

If your city offers a recycling service, now is the time to sign up. There are more and more options for modern recycling, and commercial facilities are a great place to collect. You can recycle office papers, plastic, and aluminum bottles, and old office supplies to help reduce your building’s overall waste. 


No new paper

Many offices are making the switch to paperless, but in some industries, this isn’t the best option. If you can’t eliminate paper use in the office, switch to recycled paper for your printing needs. This will reduce your environmental impact in areas where you can’t go fully digital and complete your recycling initiative. 


Switch to energy-efficient appliances

There are so many options to reduce your environmental footprint with energy-efficient electronics and appliances. Everything, from lightbulbs to HVAC systems, comes in energy-efficient varieties. This will not only provide benefits to the planet but can also help you reduce your energy bill.


Choose sustainable eating options

Choosing eco-friendly snacks and catering options can inspire your employees to think about their food choices. By offering fair trade coffee or organic pastries at the morning meeting, you can make a small difference in your company culture surrounding environmental sustainability. This is also an easy way to bring awareness to Earth Day in a fun and engaging way for employees. 


Incorporate sustainable landscaping

Many commercial facilities only choose landscaping designs based on aesthetic appeal and maintenance requirements. However, by adding some pollinating flowers or endemic species to your landscaping, you can add value to the local ecosystem. Butterflies, bees, and other native species will appreciate the effort, as well as visitors at your facility. You can even add some office plants inside to improve indoor air quality and boost office morale. 


Earth Day is a yearly reminder that the world outside the four walls of work is just as important as what we do inside. To learn more about environmentally-friendly office practices, click here to read from the blog.

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