Insulation Woes To Avoid During Winter

Winter is here, and hopefully, your facility is prepared. At this busy time of year, it can be easy to let maintenance tasks fall to the wayside. However, it’s important that you care for your facility’s needs in order to better care for your consumers’. One of the most common maintenance issues facility managers face in the winter is trouble due to improper insulation. 

Maintaining insulation is about more than just keeping it warm in the winter. It prevents cold-weather condensation, protects employees and customers from uncomfortable conditions, and can even increase the energy-efficiency of your facility as a whole. It’s important to maintain insulation before, during, and after winter to ensure that your facility can run at peak performance no matter what the temperature is outside. 

In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, most facilities are built for warm weather rather than cold. While your facility may be designed to cool down, it can oftentimes struggle to heat up in the winter. This is when insulation maintenance is called for.

Reduce cold-weather condensation with insulation maintenance

Outward air leakage from the climate-controlled indoor environment to the cold winter air can cause cold-weather condensation. This type of condensation can be detrimental to your facility, as it can lead to drywall damage, mildew, and lowered air quality. One of the ways you can prevent this is by properly insulating your walls. This provides a protective barrier between the opposing temperatures, which reduces the chance of cold-weather condensation and facility damage. 

Improve energy-efficiency

Proper insulation can help you maintain a constant temperature within your facility. This is not just for tenant comfort, however. If there is little to no insulation, the cold outdoor environment will cause fluctuations in temperature inside. The harder your heater has to work (especially in a traditionally warm climate where heaters are not built as efficiently), the more energy your facility will expend. By maintaining insulation, you can effectively lower your energy costs in the winter without having to replace or overwork your heater. 

Call MaintenX for insulation maintenance. 

Typically, insulation does not need to be replaced very often. If insulation is maintained, it can last up to 80 years or more. However, you should schedule an inspection if you notice changes in temperature, draft areas of the facility, an increase in mold and mildew, or other signs of insulation damage inside the facility. Your MaintenX technician can help inspect the facility and recommend insulation maintenance services based on your needs. 

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