What is an Integrated Workplace Management System?


If you’ve been working in any kind of facility management position, then you’ve probably heard the term integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). What is this system and how can it benefit you? Keep reading to find out more.

IWMS is a type of software that helps organizations and businesses of all sizes make the most of their available resources. Essentially, it is an organizational infrastructure that helps you effectively manage assets, track projects, and schedule maintenance all in one place. An organization looking for more efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction can benefit greatly from IWMS.

There are numerous different kinds of integrated workplace management systems and many incorporate different functions in order to present a way to manage a company’s resources without having to install multiple software platforms. One common feature these systems allow for is a real estate and lease management. The system can be used to keep track of all property the business owns from purchase to disposal, including tax and lease information, and more.

These all-encompassing systems also help with facility and maintenance management. Individuals can manage the use of facility space and schedule employees within buildings. This application can also be used to schedule preventative maintenance appointments, send out work orders, and manage machinery. A system with these types of capabilities is excellent for ensuring that the facility is running as smoothly as possible.

This integrated system can also track a company’s environmental impact. By allowing a company to measure its energy expenditures, the business should be able to identify where there is energy waste. This not only helps notify the manager where to cut back to save on power bills, but it also helps the environment.

An integrated workplace management system is a vital tool for a facility manager or someone who takes care of company locations and assets. These systems help to maximize the efficiency of resources in a central location and can offer a list of solutions for a business.