Is There Such A Thing as Too Much Preventative Maintenance?

Any good facility manager worth their salt will tell you that regular maintenance is cheaper and a smarter financial decision than solely fixing things when they break. In addition to the financial costs of repairs, there is problem of production loss caused by unplanned downtime when an asset fails. But, with as important and crucial to a facility’s staff and the company’s bottom line as preventative maintenance is, could there really be such a thing as too much of it?

Affective Preventative Maintenance

One of the prime objectives of a good preventative maintenance program is to prevent equipment failure before it happens by performing regular, routine inspections and pre-emptive repairs. But, after preventative maintenance, some equipment can sometimes stop working correctly. There are a few different reasons this can happen:

  • Faulty replacement parts leading a mechanism to work incorrectly or stop working altogether
  • Improper installation or repair processes which lead to problems that result equipment in failure
  • Damage caused during routine maintenance can occur that is initially unnoticed, thus causing the equipment to have a problem or fail completely
  • Lengthy, prolonged maintenance work, which can cause problems for equipment designed to be in constant use

Examine and Respond

A thorough and exhaustive review of your preventive maintenance program can oftentimes lead to big efficiency improvements, leading to shorter periods of downtime and higher overall efficiency, both for the facility’s equipment and its workers.

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