Planning for Maintenance Project Success

Efficient and active communication is vital in the world of facility maintenance. Facility managers need precise information, and they need that information to be delivered in a timely manner in order to keep their facility working at optimum efficiency.

Regrettably, many facilities aren’t very good at this. A lack of accurate and detailed information can lead to mistakes, mismanaged projects, and substantial negative effects on a facility’s productivity.

But how much information is enough? And how much is too much?

Pay Attention to Details

Facility staff should get enough information to successfully complete the tasks at hand, and no more. When considering what to disseminate, weigh the risks of leaving a piece of information out against the marginal benefit of making it need-to-know.

To make sure facility staff has enough information:

  • If you have a large organization, consider hiring a professional facility maintenance planner
  • Make detailed notes on projects, including dates with measurable goals and timetables for future facility maintenance project planning
  • Keep notes and project lists for future maintenance
  • Make a schedule for routine preventative maintenance
  • Document projects by taking pictures and storing them in the project folder
  • Create easy-to-understand tutorial guides with relevant pictures for routine facility tasks so new employees, and ones unfamiliar with a particular project, can have a simple guide for how to complete the task safely and efficiently

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