Is Your Maintenance Plan Good, or Just Good Enough?

Facility managers spend a great amount of time planning. They plan for emergencies, plan for the next quarter, and plan for the upcoming year’s costs and new developments. However, not all planning yields the same results. Many facility managers follow the status quo when it comes to their maintenance, but don’t put in the time to redevelop strategies for facility performance efficiency. At MaintenX, we want to help facility maintenance teams build a strong foundation for maintenance planning success. 

Below are just a few ways in which we seek continual improvement at the MaintenX team. It isn’t enough for our preventative maintenance programs to be good enough. It’s important that we strive to exceed client expectations during every visit. By investing in these core elements, your facility maintenance plan can be an integral part of your company’s success. 

Training & Education

A strong maintenance plan includes improvement at the core level — your workforce. The technicians who arrive onsite oftentimes have the fate of your facility in their hands. Therefore conferences, seminars and webinars, focused skills training, wrench time studies, and other forms of in-house skills development should all be in your maintenance management plan. 

Predictive and Reliability Maintenance

If you are running a tight ship, it’s unlikely you have redundancies in your equipment. Therefore, investing in reliability is essential to avoid costly breakdowns. Even equipment that is not in regular use, such as preventative safety equipment, should be included in your predictive and reliability maintenance planning. This is arguably more important than reactive maintenance planning because it can reduce expenses and extend the service life of facility machinery. 

Lean Thinking Applied to Maintenance

Your preventative maintenance system shouldn’t be working to just stave off disasters. Every action you take should not only prevent disaster, but also add value to the system. Cleaning your HVAC’s air ducts, for example, does much more than simply prevent the buildup of contaminants and early deterioration. It adds value to your ventilation system, which can run more efficiently with a clean duct system. It also puts money back in your pocket in the form of energy savings. Before choosing preventative maintenance services, be sure to choose the ones that add value rather than those that simply prevent disaster. 

These tips can help you design a maintenance plan that is great, not just good enough. MaintenX applies these principles to all of our service work, and would like to help you create a more efficient, productive facility environment. To learn more about our preventative maintenance services, contact us today!


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