Is Your Rooftop a Usable Space?

Today’s facility occupants need environments that match the way they work and the way they play. But is that space your facility’s roof?

A usable rooftop might be the perfect investment for your facility.


Usable rooftops can draw would-be employees to your business. Employees also benefit from a place where they can blow off steam and get a breath of fresh air.

As cities become more and more crowded, space is at a premium. A usable rooftop may be a costly addition to your facility, but can improve employee morale and job satisfaction.


Rooftop spaces can also make your facility more sustainable. You can add a rain-collecting reservoir to supplement your facility’s water system or add solar panels to make the building more energy efficient and lower its utility costs.

A Roof with a View

If you plan to shell out the money for a usable roof, you want to make sure the view isn’t terrible when it’s done. What do the surroundings of your facility look like? If the view isn’t very attractive, you lose out on a lot of the benefits of the space in the first place. Make sure the roof is worth the view your occupants will have.

Load Capacity

A retrofitted roof is definitely not a perfect fit for all facilities. Structural concerns should also be addressed. Adding a usable roof adds a lot of weight to the top of a building, and many facility roofs were not designed for people to walk on them. So make sure you have a structural engineer, construction expert, or architectural firm survey your roof before you start the process.