Key Areas to Maintain in a Commercial Property

In addition to high customer traffic and strong sales, it’s also important for a commercial property to have proper facility maintenance. A building that is well-maintained will attract customers and help you increase your bottom line. Here are a few tips for maintaining the key areas of your commercial property.

Exterior Maintenance – The exterior of your commercial property is very important. Maintaining a nice-looking facility is crucial for making a strong first impression on customers, patrons, and tenants. Landscaping and outdoor lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to curb appeal. Be sure to avoid overgrown shrubbery and yellowed and dirty light fixtures. Over time, these exterior finishes can hurt your company’s curb appeal. Sidewalks should not have any large cracks or safety hazards either. Make sure to regularly power wash the exterior and repaint when needed.

Restroom Maintenance – The maintenance of your commercial property’s restroom is a key area to maintain. Not only is a clean environment crucial for the health and sanitation of your employees and customers, it’s important to have a spotless bathroom to demonstrate your company’s commitment to cleanliness. Also, you may consider installing features such as automatic sinks, touchless toilets, and hand-dryers to eliminate the spread of germs. These additions will also help you save money, and show to your customers that you care about them.

Interior Maintenance – Whether you own a restaurant, office space or retail store, you want to ensure your customers are experiencing a tidy atmosphere while visiting your facility. Maintaining a comfortable store floor or workspace will not only increase the productivity of your employers, it will also leave a lasting impression on your customers. Carpets should be cleaned, wood and laminate floors should be buffed and tile should be mopped regularly. Your facility’s Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit should also be working at peak efficiency to make customers comfortable. It’s also important to have no chipped paint on the walls and no dust on surfaces.

There are many aspects to maintaining a facility. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to create a clean and inviting facility that will make a fantastic first impression on your patrons.