Key Performance Indicators for Your Facility Maintenance Team

Peak performance is not just a term used in sports; it is important for the maintenance team of a business or commercial facility as well. How can a facility manager tell if their team is working at maximum efficiency? Here are four key indicators that tell you.

  1. The backlog of deferred work. This will tell you how many projects are yet to be completed and, depending on the configuration in the tracking software or logging system, which technicians are not keeping up with the pace of work.
  2. The percentage of completed maintenance work that is reactive. While reactive maintenance is sometimes a necessity, most of the work should be preventative maintenance.
  3. Compliances with preventative maintenance and weekly service schedules.
  4. Pareto analysis of completed work; a chart designed to compare business resources consumed to amount of work completed.

If your maintenance staff is not performing as efficiently as it should be, then maybe it’s time to make some changes. MaintenX can help you make that determination, and our technicians are always ready to step in. To learn more about our services, contact us at any time.