LA Lakers Taking Steps to Go Solar

After signing one of the biggest stars in the basketball, LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers have decided to up their facility game.
The LA Lakers, LG Electronics USA, and Vaha Energy have joined forces to build a new state-of- the-art headquarters powered by green energy from LG solar panels.
The 120,000-square-foot LEED Platinum-certified building will act as the LA Lakers’ training facility and the home of the Lakers’ G-League affiliate, the South Bay Lakers. It will feature two basketball courts and cutting-edge equipment designed to improve training, conditioning, player nutrition, and injury prevention. All in all, the project promises to set a new standard for professional athletics facilities.

How will LG’s solar panels work?

The roughly 500 solar panels will produce a combined 245,000 kWh yearly, roughly 16% of the facility’s energy requirements (or enough to power 35 average American homes for a year). The group predicts this will save the facility around $40,000 per year. The new building will feature LG’s new 375-watt NeON 2 solar panels, which are more efficient and can absorb light at a higher rate than competing panels. The solar panel array is anticipated to pay for itself in as little as 4 years.

LG also plans to expand its partnerships and is increasing production of solar panels. In service of that, they will construct a multi-million-dollar solar panel manufacturing plant at their corporate headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. The new plant promises to create at least 160 new jobs.