Landscaping Tips for Fall Weather

In fall, many parts of the country enjoy more temperate weather and beautiful colors on plant life. This natural array doesn’t mean landscaping maintenance stops for your business, however. In fact, fall is the time for forward-looking landscaping to prepare your lawn and storefront for the upcoming winter.

With winter frost approaching, it is important to protect your plants from the impending chill. Leaves may wither and drop, but it’s the roots that need to survive. One way to keep them warm is to spread mulch around the area; usually a layer of two or three inches will suffice. Wrapping smaller plants and shrubbery is also a good idea, as is surrounding them with shredded leaves or burlap.

While fall isn’t typically the time to prune, it is still a good idea to clear away dead and dying plants to give the healthier ones a greater chance of surviving the next season. If you are considering adding new plants to your landscape, only do so if they’ll have time to establish themselves before the cold hits. Most nurseries have fall sales to get rid of stock before the winter, so you may have the opportunity to score a major deal.

Landscaping in the fall requires a certain finesse and skill, but it’s certainly worth it to keep your business front looking sharp. If you require assistance, we at MaintenX are always at the ready to assist you in all your landscaping needs.