Your Complete Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist

It takes many different kinds of equipment to run a facility, but certain types of businesses are reliant on refrigeration machinery to operate. For restaurants and other food service companies, it is essential to have properly working refrigerators and freezers. Therefore, the maintenance of that equipment is important to understand and plan for.

The key to properly maintaining refrigeration equipment is regular inspections and cleanings. The visible parts of the units should be cleaned daily, as mandated by most health codes, but the insides of the machines are also important to clean often. Depending on usage, it is recommended to take apart the equipment completely, clean every component, and put it back together at least a few times a year, if not once a month. This will help enhance sanitation and prevent bacteria and mold from growing.

In addition to cleaning, each working part of the machinery should be inspected often to ensure that it is in proper working order. This prevents breakdown of the appliances, but also promotes energy efficiency cuts down on costly energy waste. It is always better to perform small fixes and swap out individual parts such as coils, motors, and fans during the regular cleaning than replacing the whole unit when it breaks down.

Preventative maintenance and cleaning is the key to maintaining refrigeration equipment. MaintenX can help you come up with the best schedule for you and ensure every item on this checklist is taken care of.