Maintaining a Dark Closed Store

It is an unfortunate reality that not all businesses that set out for success obtain it. When a retail store closes its doors or discontinues operations at a particular site, it is considered to be “going dark” or a “dark store.” If you are the owner of a strip mall or shopping center, having a dark closed store can be a major problem — not only because no one is occupying the space, but it can also become a detriment to future tenants and the business of those who patron the center.

A dark storefront can easily become an eyesore for anyone visiting the shopping center or mall because of the likelihood that it will fall into disrepair. If there is no one there to utilize the space, it is easy for the insides of the building to decay, the landscaping to grow out of control, and the outside to begin to look rundown. Not only will the building’s neglected appearance turn off customers of other stores in the center, but it will also lessen the chances of future tenants moving their business to the space. Without proper upkeep, this facility will hurt the business of smaller stores and ultimately bring the entire center down.

What is the best practice for maintaining a dark closed store? Rather than trying to fix everything after the fact, preventative maintenance is recommended to keep the storefront looking acceptable. Quarterly inspections, necessary repairs, and landscape maintenance are all worthwhile because they prevent the building segment from going into disrepair. This not only prevents the problems noted above, but it comes with a smaller price tag. Small amounts of regular maintenance are less costly than a series of expensive repairs all at once.

If you need help maintaining a dark closed store, MaintenX is here to help. We will make sure the space is well maintained, fully operational and landscaped to perfection, making it inviting for the next tenants. To learn more about the services we offer and how our skilled technicians can assist you, please call us at 855–751- 0075.