Maintaining Facility Restrooms and Break Rooms is the Key to A Happy Office

Advances in modern cleaning technologies are changing the way we clean today’s facilities. Good cleaning practices are still the foundation of facility restroom cleaning, however. Below you’ll find some tips for facility managers everywhere on how to keep their facility’s restrooms clean and sanitary.

Color Coding

Think about starting a color-coded cleaning system for your facility’s mops and rags. This will help your staff easily know which cleaning products are meant for which tasks in your facility.

Calibrate your Facility’s Bathroom’s Dispenser Systems

Occupants must have easy access to your facility’s product dispenser systems, so calibrate them correctly.

Make Sure to Dilute Cleaning Products

Cleaning products used throughout your facility should always be diluted. When diluting toxic chemicals, always make sure to use the correct equipment:

  • Measuring cups
  • Dispensing pumps
  • Automated dilution equipment

Make sure that you know that adding extra cleaning product does not make a cleaning any easier or faster; it only wastes resources and can make cleaning jobs even more difficult.

If your facility has glass windows, think about cleaning restroom mirrors from top-to-bottom, and then cleaning all doors. Make sure to always clean glass surfaces with the correct materials.

Supply cleaning workers with the appropriate cleaning materials and make sure to properly train them on facility stocking procedures. This can lead to a substantial upsurge in efficiency.

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