Maintenance Red Flags To Look for In A New Property

Finding the right property for your business can be incredibly tricky. If you’re lucky, you can find a property that was used for a similar business previously so all of the basic structure is ready. However, many small to midsize businesses must either look for new properties to rent or redesign their office space to better accommodate their needs. This can get tricky for medical facilities and restaurants especially, because of the regulations and permitting that is required to make such adjustments.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, there are some red flags you can spot when scouting commercial properties. If you notice any of these maintenance red flags, be wary about renting because you may be dealing with unnecessary headaches as you try to open.

Neglected flooring.

Flooring is not cheap to replace, and can often cue you into bigger foundational issues beneath the surface. If you notice cracks in hardwood, major stains, or gaps between tiles, you can assume that either the previous tenants didn’t take care of the flooring, or a contractor did a poor installation that you’ll have to deal with later on. 

A noisy A/C.

If you notice that the A/C is constantly running or is making strange noises, you can bet that it wasn’t properly maintained with the last tenant. HVAC systems should not have to run 24/7 to keep the facility cool. If they are, that means they are not running at peak performance and may need to be replaced soon. Rattling or banging noises means that there are internal issues that you’ll have to address, so be sure to ask the property management about repairs before you move in. 

An overwhelming scent.

Mold and mildew are common problems in run-down facilities, and can leave a distinct odor that property managers may try to cover up. If you feel like the air freshener is a bit strong in one room or you can detect a musky scent underneath, ask about previous water damage to ensure you don’t discover it later on.

DIY wiring.

Electrical issues are a big issue when permitting a new business. If even the slightest issue is discovered, it can delay your opening and cost you thousands of dollars in renovations. If you notice any wiring issue, even a cosmetic one, ask the property owner about previous work done. 

These red flags and others can help you detect future issues for a prospective commercial rental property. To learn more about maintenance issues you need to look out for, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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