How To Better Manage a Multi-Tenant Facility

Multi-tenant commercial properties such as strip malls and major office buildings can be very lucrative for owners, but they do come with unique management challenges. Keeping tenants satisfied requires a consistent flow of communication and a staff that is quick to aid in any issue from rent to maintenance and everything in between. 

At MaintenX, we help you keep tenants happy with reliable, affordable maintenance service. Below are just five ways you can make your multi-tenant property easy to manage with a MaintenX preventative care program in place: 

Offer an easy maintenance request form or process.

Requesting maintenance service is often a guessing game for commercial tenants. By making the process easier, you can ensure everyone has access to maintenance service and doesn’t hold resentments about unfinished tasks because they don’t know who to ask. MaintenX’s work order management system makes it simple for you to keep track of maintenance requests and ensure a technician is dispatched at your tenant’s earliest convenience. 

Schedule regular maintenance well in advance.

Some maintenance tasks need to be done no matter what, like hydro-jetting for your plumbing system or routine HVAC cleaning and maintenance. If you stick to a schedule, you can make it easier for your tenants to plan around these maintenance days. This also prevents future issues because preventative care can help improve systems performance and reduce unexpected breakdowns. 

Check-in with tenants one-on-one.

The businesses within your commercial space may not have time to fill out maintenance requests for every little thing they need, which is why it’s important to check in periodically to discuss their needs in a more personal manner. Maybe they don’t have time to fix the faucet themselves, or they’re 100 more important things than cleaning out the air ducts but it still needs to get done. If you and your MaintenX crew schedule time for onsite consultations, your tenants can better communicate with you and won’t have hidden complaints causing tension in your professional relationship. 

MaintenX can make management of your multi-tenant facility that much easier with a reliable, responsive maintenance service. To learn more about setting up a preventative maintenance program at your facility, contact us today!

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