Maintenance Tips for Dark Closed Stores

Darkened, vacant storefronts are sometimes difficult for facility managers to deal with. Without occupants, a building is easy to forget. Typically, however, it is a good idea to maintain some level of influence on your unoccupied storefront so that it will still be attractive to potential new tenants. In addition, you want to make sure that the building is protected against criminals and damaging weather.

The exterior of the dark, closed store is the most important aspect to maintain because it is the first part that prospective clients see. Therefore it is worth investing in landscaping and exterior cleaning services so that the tenant will have a worthy storefront already when they start renting.

It is also worthwhile to inspect the inside periodically to make sure that it’s in fair condition. Damages can come from pest infestations, water leaks, or weather; always check after extreme weather events. Don’t forget human risks; invest in an alarm system to deter thieves and vandals from your property. All of these problems get worse if left unattended, so draw up an inspection schedule for the property.

Dark closed stores are unfortunate to own, but don’t neglect them. We at MaintenX can help you maintain this kind of property, so contact us to help you keep the property attractive and in good working order.