How to Make Your Building Greener and Save Money

Being green has become increasingly important to businesses in recent years. Companies want their buildings to be more environmentally conscious, and many are beginning to see the financial advantages. By taking a few easy steps you can make your buildings more green and financially prosperous.

1. Lighting

Lighting is one easy way to make a simple change that will benefit your building (and your wallet) long term. Energy efficient light bulb quality has improved in the last few years and they last a great deal longer than their traditional counterparts. They also require a lot less energy, having a resoundingly positive effect on your electricity bill each month. They may cost a little more to install at first, but are an investment worth considering.

2. Get Greener Electronics

Just as with green light bulbs, green electronics can save you a great deal over time, while also being kind to the environment. If you’re on the hunt for new electronics for your building, find products that have a high Energy Star rating – they’ll be more economically sound and energy efficient.

3. Look Into Alternative Energy

There are many options for integrating alternative energy sources into your building. Depending on where you live, local authorities may also provide cost assistance from as a way to encourage individuals or companies to go green. There may also be a ‘green power’ option from your service provider, which means you opt for clean energy to be used for your power.

4. Insulation

Proper insulation of a building is a huge money and energy saver. Having the correct insulation for your building is critical, especially during hot summer months. Without proper insulation to keep the cold indoors, your AC must work harder, will cost more, and is unable to do its job as well. Having good insulation makes all the difference.

5. Book an Energy Audit

Finally, book an energy audit. These are often free of charge from your energy provider and give you expert advice on ways to cut down on your building’s energy consumption.