How to Make sure you Have the Proper Cleaning Equipment

Good facility maintenance starts with using the right tools. No matter what your business is, you must clean it regularly. The correct equipment allows your janitorial personnel to clean the facility and its contents as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips to help ensure that you choose the proper cleaning equipment for your business or commercial facility.

First, consider the space that needs cleaning. Whether it is a small storefront or a large facility, suit your hardware to the size of the building. Bigger is not necessarily better, and large equipment is wasted cleaning a small area, wasting space and power. Also, consider the configuration; a large flat area accommodates bulkier equipment, while a more crowded space calls for nimbler tools.

Don’t forget to speak to your custodial staff. They do the work, so they know their needs best. If you think they’re taking too long, or if certain areas never get cleaned to your satisfaction, ask them what they need to get the job done.

At MaintenX, we strive for quality and efficiency in cleaning. To learn more about our janitorial services and how we can assist in all areas of facility maintenance, please contact us any time.