Managing Humidity Inside Your Facility

As temperatures get more extreme across the globe, it’s getting more difficult for facility managers to save money while cutting down on CO emissions. Humidity is also an important factor to consider for facility managers; as moisture levels rise in your facility, they can lead to a bevy of serious problems for the health of your facility’s occupants and your company’s equipment and infrastructure. That’s why facility managers need to make a point to keep their facility’s humidity level in check to keep occupants comfortable and safe from issues like toxic molds and dangerous floors.

Keep a Watchful Eye Out

Facility managers need to include a system of routine checks for cracks and any other openings that could potentially leak air into and out of their facility. Maintenance staff should also make a point to look for issues like:

  • Condensation on facility windows
  • Mold on walls and in corners
  • Bad odors

Check if the Humidity is too Low in your Facility

If humidity is too low in a building, there are a lot of available solutions. For facilities where low humidity could hurt occupants, install an overhead misting system.

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